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Dean Tainio

Guitar and vocals

John Matthews


Have you heard about the Englishman and the Scotsman?

You will if you go to a Border Crossing gig!

Here you will enjoy fine arrangements of traditional and modern folk songs from this talented pair of musicians based in Kent.

Border Crossing want to reach out and connect with their audience - expect to be entertained, involved and entranced by their musicianship, and enjoy conversation and humour along with moments of emotion and poignancy drawn from their rich musical catalogue of songs.

Since they formed Border Crossing in 2009, Dean and John have developed an instinctive rapport, and produce a rich and constantly-moving sound through John's unique melodic voice combined with Dean's vocal harmonies and fine guitar playing.

With many years' combined musical experience between them, they have an almost magical ability to reproduce the quality of a recording in a live session.

The Englishman - Dean Tainio

Guitarist and vocalist

Music has been the driving force of Dean's life. He plays in many different styles, from his  harp-like finger-picking to driving, rhythmic and even drum-like strumming.

Performing and connecting with the audience is what gives Dean more satisfaction than just about anything else. His guitar playing is often beautifully melodic, but he never lets this get in the way of the lyrics of the songs.

Dean Tainio Border Crossing Eyries Village Festival 2016

The Scotsman - John Matthews

Lyrical lead vocalist and funny front man

John's voice has been described as Scottish honey. Performing folk music has made him happy for over fifty years and he finds that folk music speaks to his soul in a way that other genres do not.

He loves the storytelling of the ballads, the humour of many of the songs, and having a laugh together with the audience.

John Matthews Border Crossing Lead Singer Eyries Village Festival
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